Unboxing: Office Trial at The Great Room – Raffles Hotel Arcade

Unboxing: Office Trial at The Great Room – Raffles Hotel Arcade

date of update:2024.06.04

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Welcome to our feature column, "Unboxing: Office Trial," where we delve into local shared offices based on our firsthand experiences!

We invite you to join us as we explore The Great Room – Raffles Hotel Arcade. 

Discover the unique details and captivating charm of this vibrant workspace through our own journey.

Let`s get going!

The Great Room at Raffles Hotel Arcade is conveniently nestled between City Hall MRT and Bugis MRT stations.

From our nearest station, Downtown MRT, it’s a quick 12-minute ride on the same Downtown Line to Bugis MRT station.

A seven-minute walk from the Bugis MRT station exit brings you right to the doorstep of the iconic Raffles Hotel, home to The Great Room.

As you approach, the elegant white facade paired with brick accents truly stands out—it’s the epitome of sophistication.

Raffles Hotel, established in 1887, has been a prestigious witness to Singapore’s journey towards independence and modernity.

Its magnificent colonial architecture not only retains a timeless grace but also continues to be a favored haunt of celebrities and royalty alike.

As you enter the building, a subtle scent of flowers fills the air—a truly delightful fragrance!

Then, as you ascend the graceful staircase to the second floor, you can’t help but feel a bit like royalty yourself!

As you ascend to the second floor, you’re immediately greeted by the signage for “The Great Room.”

A few more steps and you’ve arrived at your destination: The Great Room at Raffles Hotel Arcade.

Arrival at The Great Room – Raffles Hotel Arcade

Upon arriving at The Great Room – Raffles Hotel Arcade, let’s first delve into an overview of The Great Room.

About The Great Room

Aiming to breathe new life into the way we work, gather, and interact, The Great Room was founded in 2016 in Singapore by Jaelle Ang and her partner.

It has since expanded to four cities: Sydney, Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong.

In Singapore alone, it boasts six locations.

The Great Room – Afro Asia
The Great Room – Ngee Ann City
The Great Room – South Bridge
The Great Room – One George Street
The Great Room – Raffles Hotel Arcade
The Great Room – Centennial Tower

The Great Room Features

A Luxurious Shared Lounge

The shared lounges at The Great Room bear the refined elegance of a high-end hotel.

Co-founder Jaelle Ang, with her background in architectural design and real estate, once led the development project for Asia’s first Four Seasons Private Residences in Bangkok.

Her experience has inspired the sophisticated design of these spaces.

Moreover, under the philosophy of “All work, all play,” The Great Room emphasizes creative stimulation and interaction, featuring a higher proportion of shared spaces compared to other shared office operators.

This is one of its standout attributes.

Ultimate Hospitality

Above all, The Great Room prioritizes hospitality. Various initiatives are underway to create an “office you’d want to visit every day.”

One such initiative is the “Monday Breakfast Club,” where members are treated to a complimentary breakfast every Monday!

Additionally, the staff’s responsiveness has garnered numerous positive reviews. During our first visit, their dedicated service left a lasting impression.

As a member of The Great Room, you also gain access to shared lounges at locations worldwide, allowing you to choose your workspace for the day based on your schedule.

(Please contact us for more details.)

The Great Room – Raffles Hotel Arcade: Details

A standout feature of this location is that it’s housed within the prestigious Raffles Hotel, a nationally recognized cultural landmark!

Following the hotel’s renovation, The Great Room was the first tenant to move into the second floor, occupying a quarter of this level.

This venue is not your typical shared office space. It boasts individually distinct areas including shared lounges, private offices, and meeting rooms.

Today, we were given special access to move freely throughout the space, thanks to an access card provided by The Great Room.

Outside the shared office area, within the hotel’s common zones, are sofas, desks, and chairs arranged to offer a relaxing environment for all visitors.

This initiative is a collaborative effort between The Great Room and Raffles Hotel. Rather than just renting space, both entities are actively innovating to enhance the appeal of this location.

These details highlight the spirit of hospitality that The Great Room is known for.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the space!

Shared Lounge

Preserving the traditional charm of Raffles Hotel, the shared lounge injects vibrant colors throughout, adding modern elements to the entire space.

This lounge is perfect not just for working but also for meetings and hosting visitors!

Above the sofa area at the back of the lounge, there’s a projector installed, making it possible to hold events right in the shared space!

The Great Room has a professional event planning and management team on staff.
While there is a fee for support, you can entrust them with the full organization of your events if you wish!

Additionally, the shared lounge offers refreshments like lemon water, and tea and coffee, with fruits also available for a healthy treat!

Pantry Space

In the pantry, you can enjoy tea and coffee that are available free of charge!

Hot Desk and Dedicated Desk Spaces

This area is known as the Quiet Zone and is indeed very quiet. It’s separate from the shared lounge, making it highly recommended for those who need to concentrate on their work or prefer to avoid noisy environments.

When you need a break, you can head to the shared lounge. Physically moving to a different space helps you switch between work mode and relaxation.

Private Offices

We visited shortly after a client had vacated a private office, so unfortunately, we couldn’t take photos of the interior…

However, similar to the dedicated desk spaces, access to the private offices does not require passing through the shared lounge, making them somewhat similar to traditional rental offices.

Having an office in Raffles Hotel means more than just an address. It symbolizes a prestigious prestige, standing shoulder to shoulder with the luxury brands on the first floor.

This sophisticated setting is particularly attractive to the financial sector and long-established companies, offering a prestigious location that enhances their stature.

Phone Booths

Phone booths are available within the hot desk and dedicated desk areas.

They can be used without a reservation whenever they are free.

Meeting Rooms and Event Spaces

The facility includes meeting rooms that can accommodate a few to several attendees, and some can also be used as event venues! (These are available for a fee. Please contact us for more details.)

During this visit, we booked a small meeting room for a web meeting. It was equipped with power outlets and offered fast internet speeds, ensuring a comfortable experience.

Who Should Consider This Space

On this day, we worked in the shared lounge.

Working at Raffles Hotel was an exhilarating experience from start to finish!

While we were there, one other person was working, and two groups were in meetings. The atmosphere was lively yet calm.

This setting is particularly recommended for businesses catering to affluent clients and those in the financial sector.

Keep in Touch for More Details

If you’re intrigued by the abundant charm of The Great Room, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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Do you have any recommended offices for Japanese companies?


We recommend "One & Co" and "Crosscorp," which have on-site receptionists fluent in Japanese, as well as "SERVCORP," which offers Japanese language support via office extension phone. For more details, please check out the above three locations in our office listings!


What are the benefits of shared offices?


There are numerous benefits. Here are some highlights:
・Cost savings: Initial costs for shared offices are typically equivalent to 1-2 months' rent, allowing for reduced expenses compared to traditional office leases.
・Prime locations: Shared offices are ofter located in CBD areas, offering access to high-grade offices within central business districts. Additionally, company registration services are available.
・Immediate business setup: With basic amenities such as desks and chairs provided, you can swiftly commence operations with minimal preparation.


Which areas are preferred for expansion into Singapore?


The Central Business District (CBD) is often chosen as a location for expansion into Singapore. It's an area where many large companies, particularly those in the finance industry, are concentrated.


What types of contracts are available?


There are primarily five contract types:
・Private offices
・Dedicated desks
・Hot desks
・Virtual offices


What is the process for contracting a shared office in Singapore?


Typically, contracts are finalized after a viewing, but immediate contracts can be arranged upon request. For more information, feel free to contact us at your convenience!



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